You are a passionate expert
who has created that great thing
that will amaze a lot of people.
And everybody needs to hear about it!

But how do we do that?

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Hej, I am Franzi, a passionate storyteller and a freelance marketing consultant.
I come from Germany, live in Sweden and enjoy working on projects for clients from all around the world.

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My Freelancer Services:


brand definition
target group analysis
competitor analysis
communication strategy


brand portraits
news articles, press releases
editorials, interviews
whitepapers, e-books


logo & corporate identity
print media
online media
promotional products


media partner networking
collaboration management
media channel adaption
coverage improvement


My Blog:

German is my native language.
My French is a little bit rusty.
Swedish is what I am about to learn.
And English is the language for my blog.
But who knows: I might start posting multilingual one day...

How coffee happened to me

“Once you enter the speciality coffee business, you will stay in there for life.” That’s what the woman said who recruited me for the sales department of the German grinder manufacturer in Hamburg. Was that supposed to be a threat or a promise?
However, 8 years later on, I can only agree with her.

Why I just do my thing

You surely have that one thing that you love to do. That one thing you always wanted to do. Everyday. Because it simply makes you happy. Just think of that thing you would choose to do if you had the chance to do it - right now. Think of a moment when doing it made you feel perfect. When it made you forget about the past and the future.